The Changeover



Sometimes, something lacking “heart and soul” might be good–just not great. And sometimes, a film is meant to entertain but not cause a stir nor want us to fall asleep. Such is the case in the not exactly fully-realized movie, The Changeover which takes us to a recently earthquake-torn Christchurch, New Zealand where Laura Purchase “Lolly” (Erana James) is a teen forced to take on parent-like responsibilities after the death of her father.

Burdened with watching over her young brother Jacko, (Benji Purchase) lines become muddied as the relationship between Lolly and her mother (Melanie Lynskey) are increasingly strained.

The plot moves along quickly and in the process we meet an old man (Timothy Spall) who may or may not be a vampire or maybe a witch. Perhaps he’s a hybrid of the two. The narrative doesn’t care, so pick one and know this, he’s bad.

Opposite of the bad heathen, is the strapping young buck Sorensen Carlisle (Nicholas Galitzine) whom exudes nothing less than both machismo and a graceful sensitivity–yes concurrently. When Sorensen comes to Lolly’s rescue under mysterious circumstances (Lolly is not the type of girl who needs a man’s help) they together embark on a Twilightesque teen-like romance, but will they survive with family and friends in tact?

In a film that just might attract the teen crowd (and me) who became fans of a questionable vampire (witch) genre, Director Maranda Harcourt fails to capture the hardcore horror fan but that doesn’t mean The Changeover is a total bust. Enjoy when you don’t need a visceral, unnerving trip down torture corridor or possibly when you’re on a first date.


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