Trick (2019)



Four years ago in Benton, New York, a senior student seemingly snaps during his play of spin-the-knife with his classmates whom are all gathered at the local Halloween spot. After multiple kills and several injuries, double-pumpkin-wearing masked-man Patrick Weaver (Thom Niemann) is hospitalized only to escape all medical staff and police alike in Director Patrick Lussier’s newest film TRICK.

Following the killer year after year, police officer Mike Denver (Omar Epps) tracks Trick’s trail which leads him to ponder the question “is the double-pumpkin-wearing killer pure evil, of flesh and bone or something altogether unknown?

If only the movie itself were as strong as its concept we’d have a pretty fun film. But it lacks that je ne sais quoi leaving us wanting so much more. With close to no character development and a multitude of questionable lines TRICK begins, advances and ends as if it was one big chase scene. Their are creative kills but not enough to save this film.

Ultimately I found myself wanting the movie to end at the halfway mark even after it started to pick up and gain momentum. I’m sorry, I hate giving bad reviews especially when I can see that so much effort was in fact put in to this movie.

It just doesn’t pay off unfortunately.


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