While Haunt stands on its own two feet in its bravery, it also brings us a new twist on the extreme haunted house genre and in it a twilight zone kind of vibe that serves ironically as both an afterthought and its main driver. With its vibrancy and enthusiasm, Haunt is destined to please fans of multiple horror genres.

When Haunt begins a pumpkin is smashed against the front door of the house belonging to two roommates, Bailey and Harper. When Bailey, (Lauryn Alisa McClain) observes a red truck speeding away after the pumpkin is smashed, she confronts her roommate and best friend, Harper (Katie Stevens) whom we soon realizes is a victim of domestic abuse.

As the set up continues we begin to understand that while this girl may be haunted by an abusive boyfriend she will not let that trait define her.

The night continues when Harper agrees to appease Bailey and the two roomies meet up with friends who make their way out for a night of Halloween fun. The fun as it often does, turns brutal and some friends may not make it through the night alive.

While the movie is a bit quirky the plot drives itself fast enough, serious enough and yes creepy enough without the use of jump scares which usually under serves a movie. The twist adds to the plot and to the overall creepiness.


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