Without Name



The damp and dense forest in Lorcas Finnegan’s directorial debut Without Name, is breathtaking as it draws us into a lush region covered chiefly by trees and undergrowth; where ivy and moss compete for a space on the Birches. In all of its shadowy beauty by day we may feel free to roam but come nighttime no one would want to be lost in its maze of darkening light and sound.

Finnegan reveres this is a special place. He effectively draws us to its heart where an unknown Irish woodland rests on the edge of a quaint village. The pace of the plot slowly burns which is suited for this story. The forest pulls focus and becomes its own character. In it is something of secrets and glory.

A big-business type, referred to only as the client (Morgan C. Jones) hires a duo of land surveyors Olivia and Eric (Niamh Algar and Alan McKenna) solely based on the fact that Eric has amounted the reputation for great ability, but moreso for his discretion; a questionable trait Eric is not sure he wants to ensue. Even so, Alan settles into his cottage at the edge of the forest, close to where he will survey for an unknown but certainly iniquitous project.

Without Name is an atmospheric, slow burn. Fans of the genre will fall under its spell but for those of you looking for straightforward horror with gore and jump scares perhaps save this title for another night, the kind of night you wish to engage and use your brain.