Incident In A Ghostland



The foray into perverse sexual crimes and abuse is not new to filmmaker Pascal Laguier. Incident in a Ghostland delivers what it dares to achieve, a hauntingly exhausting, hyper real horror film.

There is a group of people who will not celebrate this film. They cannot see it for what it is and they never will. And that’s an impressive accomplishment for Laguier who skillfully assembles and succeeds in procuring an astounding result; that many people are shaken to the core.

Laguier is not a one hit wonder. He is the metaphorical lovechild of Aronofsky and Von Trier who as a child was abandoned, left to die in the woods all alone. Laguiere became incredibly detailed; capturing every minute detail in every single scene. “Look at me, I’m over here,” this filmmaker screams. And what he wants to tell us truly manages to drain our hearts.

Incident In A Ghostland is organized into several acts. Within each act the perspective seamlessly shifts leaving us no option but to stay on the ride no matter how painful. Everyone is held captive; reduced to living, human, female dolls but inanimate objects for men to muck about and take apart.

The acting is strong throughout. The ensemble cast including Crystal Reed, Emilia Jones, Mylene Farmer, Anastasia Phillips, Taylor Hickson, Kevin Power and Rob Archer absolutely shines. We believe a tragedy is happening IRL because we truly become invested in the characters lives.

Warning: this movie is rough. Very seldom is a director successful in every decision that enables its viewers to experience sadness, desperation, nausea and anxiety. Laguiere is successful at that. Incident In A Ghostland lasts long after the moment ends.