Exposure (2018)


There are several categories that a genre can be subdivided into. Asian horror can be subdivided into Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Supernatural Horror can lay claim to paranormal, ghost story or the exorcism variety.

Furthermore if we look closely and examine what we actually enjoy about each movie we can see that there are indeed terrible movies that have redeeming qualities. There are fantastic movies with little to no inspiration. Sometimes a technically stunning film may lack fire and we never really hop on the ride. Basically many combinations and qualities must combine in order to create the perfect horror movie experience which leads me to say, and I’m sorry to be so harsh, but Exposure has none of these qualities.

Forget the story line because it is of no importance. If you care little about special effects great because forget the special effects because while props for them being practical, they just don’t seem to matter either. So if the effects don’t matter and the story is crap then you can even stop reading this review right now. I’m sorry. I know that’s harsh. It’s also very honest.

But listen if you are like me, a movie masochist, then give it a go and try to watch Exposure.

Oh, you want more? You are a masochist! Ok, so this movie is about an alien and the only insight we have into the alien’s mind is that it has taken over the body of a human and now it says some typical cliche crap like “I’m now this because it’s amazing and strong and I can do things I once never thought possible” Blah. Blah. Blah.