The Head Hunter



While a few questions remain, Director Jordon Downey’s medieval tale The Head Hunter spins a tight anecdote as to the lengths a father will go to to avenge his daughters death.

The premise is not new however the austerity in Downey’s story telling is at once due to budgetary restraints but more importantly becomes all we need to to understand what life might be like in this medieval landscape.

Through his eyes, facial expressions and a few grunts, actor Christopher Rygh carries the entire feature length film with approximately 3 lines of dialogue.

And he makes it work.

With very little gimmickry we are fully engaged for the next hour as everything happens and nothing at all happens. But maybe this what life would be like in a mountainous terrain where monsters roam free. Could be.

The Head Hunter (as we will call the actor since no name other than father) is a skilled fighter. No demon can pass his sword with its head in tact, as we learn upon seeing his prized wall of heads. But will The Head Hunter be able to capture the prize he’s been waiting for all these years?

The demon who killed his daughter so many years ago makes its return for one final showdown.


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