Unfriended: Dark Web



In 2015, a new style of movie-making wowed us as it pulled us in to an all at once mundane yet exciting chat world of cool kids hanging, chilling, playing games and just doing what comes naturally, until of course all that goes awfully awry and they find themselves being killed off one by one. Aaaaaand, we got a horror movie.

Several years later, the Unfriended (now franchise) is back with Unfriended: Dark Web which shares the same exact format but loses all of the it factor that made Unfriended work so well.

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk (just kidding I do) but it’s not 2015 and this is not the first movie (by far at this point) to shock us with the use of social media as an entire film platform.

And as for the title of the movie, call me jaded if you must but the subject choice is “Dark Web” and I can think of a whole lot of creepy and disturbing scenarios right off the top of my head that should be going down in this movie which will make any viewer squirm with disgust. IMO, it never happens. And when it does make an attempt of it, it’s just half, like meh.

In all fairness, I didn’t turn the movie off. I saw it out to the finish and I can now move on. If this review is a downer for you, go out and watch the original Unfriended. That was a pleasant surprise.


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