Cabin Fear



In 2015 (sometimes listed as 2016) Director Joe Bandelli decided to invest time, energy, money and resources in the American film Cabin Fear; not to be confused with two other great thrillers similarly named Cape Fear and Cabin Fever. Furthermore, while this try at horror is set in a cabin in the woods this is no Cabin In The Woods.

Cabin Fear is the tale of soon to be newlywed Sarah and Grant (Nicole Pacent and Mathew Wise) who along with a small group of irritatingly miscast, but supposed best friends, rent a cabin in the woods for a quaint, wooded, destination wedding.

After a brief pre-party rooftop celebration (because they are city-folk) the ensemble heads to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere and soon find themselves in the midst of a non-existent mobile reception dead zone. We the viewers all have enough experience to get the hell out of their at this moment but this gang is seemingly challenged.

The plot continues along in a normal fashion until we are next introduced to a sex-crazed, negatively stereotyped Latino minster hired online, no questions asked, to give the rights of marriage along with another negative and stereotypical redneck cabin manager, who conjures suspicion from the get-go. Yay to all the stereotypes.

Along for the fun weekend getaway are the newlywed’s two best friends, as well as a mysterious, possibly ex-girlfriend to Grant, who he hasn’t seen in years but somehow has been invited to this extremely small and intimate gathering. (These things happen.)

Random humor in the dialog makes the movie bearable at times as it seems to be self-aware, but it’s not enough to give this film a campy edge where I can 100% say for certain that it was intended to be bad on purpose.

In my opinion Director Joe Bandelli would have created a more solid entry if he carried the campy humor all the way throughout the film. Of course on the other hand he could have had it edited out altogether to create a more serious and eerie tale. Half way in wasn’t a good choice for this story.

It comes as no surprise when Cabin Fear unfolds that each guest is killed off one by one in rather uninspired killings. The suspicion and blame becomes loosely questionable but if you lasted this long into this hodgepodge of a movie you likely won’t even care who did it.

Finally the killer is revealed only to lead us to a twist that will make you—know this was coming from a mile away. Sorry folks this was not a very well thought out movie even though it appears that a certain amount of care was taken in making this film. It just doesn’t pay off.