Rufus (aka Hunted)



It’s a fresh take on “vampire trying to escape the vampire hunter” genre. And it works well.

When horror movies become sociology experiments the affect has somehow worked beautifully each and every time. (Think The Addiction, Nadja, The Transfiguration).

With a very loose nostalgia for Twilight, Rufus (aka Hunted) would be a coming of age story had it not been for the fact that Rufus (Rory J. Saper) is foremost over one hundred years old but also this is true to horror as the story itself is literally born of laboratory experiments and cruelty.

Brooding and sexy, (the opening sequence is more like a Calvin Klein ad) Rufus wants to be loved. And it’s interestingly not a secret that every person that surrounds Rufus also wants to be loved.

However, the actions one takes to acquire love are very different. Its cause and effect can backfire, even be deadly. Love is powerful. Love is power itself.

All of the actors throughout the film are skilled. The cast in fully invested in who they are and Director Dave Schultz knows exactly what story he wants to tell. That’s the making of a solid film.

This movie can be found on Amazon Prime under the name Hunted however if you were to do a internet search for that name you will uncover a few thousand other movies and tv series so it’s no surprise that Hunted is also released as Rufus; the name of its main character and probably more apropos.