Truth Or Dare (aka Truth Or Die)


RELEASE DATE: Britain 2012


We all know the awkward kid at the party who tries his hardest to unsuccessfully fit in. Most of the time he floats about seemingly, there one moment and then he’s not. No harm no foul, as it should be. Or better yet we can try our best to be inclusive but this is only a movie review.

Felix (Tom Jones) is the awkward kid at the party in Director Robert Heath’s Truth Or Die originally released in Britain as Truth or Dare. The college age kid musters up all his courage and asks his crush, Gemma (Florence Hall) if she’d consider going on a date with him.

Gemma, being a kind soul responds respectfully but declines Felix on the spot. Gemma’s boyfriend, who is not so kind, exacts revenge on Felix during a game of Spin the Bottle-Truth or Dare style. His immature act of revenge works, and the last we see of Felix, he’s swiftly making his way from the party, obviously upset.

In the near future after college lets out five classmates receive an invitation for a party thrown by none other than the awkward Felix. Each classmate having their own agenda shows up to the party but alas they should have all stayed home because a game of Truth or Dare will turn deadly when this time it becomes Truth or Die.

Yes, its that simple. But I found I was able to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the twists that come next. And their are a few twists which make Truth or Die a fun ride. The story while fairly simple is carried by solid actors which makes the plot believable. Kudos to all actors involved, Truth or Die lets them shine (before they die.)


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