Candy Corn



Director Josh Hasty brings us back to the familiar Small Town, USA in Candy Corn, a fun new thriller that is as dense in plot as candy corn is full of nutrients. And while some folks enjoy a bowl of a mixed variety of chocolates and sweets others are perfectly happy with a bowl of the sweet good stuff that makes its way into supermarkets and into our houses and every Halloween season. I happen to be one of those people who love everything candy corn represents about October.

When a Halloween carnival comes to town and October 31st lingers near, a group of boys who appears to have graduated high school a few years back, decides to fulfill their yearly tradition of making the town’s outcast, Jacob (Nate Chaney) withstand another round of humiliation and pranks.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Jacob has taken refuge in the carnival family of freaks so when the gang of immature thugs take their game too far beating Jacob listless, revenge will come in an unexpected way.

Candy Corn is a bit fluffy. The acting is better than the movie itself and the characters are only somewhat relatable. I would have loved to see this movie give more oomph as the masked killer could be pretty creepy with a more fleshed out storyline.

The kills mostly take place in daylight which was an interesting choice and the use of candy corn (which, as you know, is the name of the movie) serves as a bit of an afterthought unless I missed the point where I was told Jacob lived on nothing but the sugar corn. Who knows.

A small role by Tony Todd (Candyman) was a nice addition to the cast. And while the Oscar buzz isn’t ringing for Candy Corn, if you want to get comfy, shut the lights and spend an hour and a half on a storyline you’ve seen a billion times, I say go for it. I did and I was able to write all this bout it.


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