They Nest (aka Creepy Crawlers)



In this fun and mild insect movie that doesn’t involve spiders or ants, They Nest hatches an invasion of roaches onboard an African barge as it makes its way to a small island town off the coast of Maine.

Dr. Ben Cahill (Thomas Calabro), recovering from a less than stellar year including a recent divorce and overcoming alcohol addiction, settles into his fixer upper, summer house which he bought a year back in a last ditch effort to save his flailing marriage.

Being from across the pond with his city ways of life only uncovers early on that the town folk don’t take kindly to mainlanders and when they’re not drinking at the one bar on the island the rough and rowdy men spend their free time giving shiners and breaken ribs.

Luckily for Dr. Cahill he catches the eye of the only “normal” hard working, blond haired, blue eyed woman (Kristen Dalton) who seemingly can do it all and he’ll need her in his corner as the terror begins to increase and the deaths pile up.

The plot gives us insight into the characters and develops storylines other than that of roaches eating every living creature they encounter. The story was fun enough to hold my interest even if it did play out like a made for TV film. No disrespect. I’ve enjoy many made for the small screen horror and sci-fi movies throughout the years.

You get exactly what you’re expecting from They Nest and predictability is better than an unknown roach invasion heading into town.