Isabelle, directed by Rob Heydon stars Adam Brody and Amanda Crew as Matt and Larissa Kane. Overall the project has decent acting but quickly dies with an uninteresting plot and annoyingly cringeworthy cliches that prompted me to abandon ship several times before its ending.

Matt and his expecting wife Larissa have just moved into a new home in Sarasota Springs, presumably to be closer to Matt’s father and to his job. When the couple’s baby is stillborn in its final trimester brought on by complications that leave Larissa clinically dead for one minute, she returns home a changed person as one would expect after a traumatic life occurrence.

Larissa’s loved ones assume she has postpartum depression and is grieving even as she maintains she has all her mental faculties. Coming to eventually blame the ghastly wheelchair bound neighbor Isabelle; (Zöe Belkin) a girl with a horrific past, for the death of her child and bizarre goings-on in the house since her return from the hospital only increases the appearance that the grieving mother is falling apart.

We soon discover irksome moments in the form of misguided dialog exchanges, a psychiatrist who would never say any of his lines in real life, design flaws such as spotting an unpainted wall in one scene only to have it appear painted in the next, to even larger faux pas which I felt would also not happen in real life.

The antagonist, wheelchair bound girl/ghost with red glowing eyes and a twisted spine unfortunately comes across as a comical SNL character. Her supposedly frightening face is too pretty even though she is made to appear ugly.

These moments took me out of the movie experience leaving me with a bad taste for the overall film.

The ending (assuming you got there) gets convoluted with many unanswered questions. And within a few minutes the movie wraps up in an almost sympathetic appeal to the audience, just to have the project over with so everyone involved can cut their losses and move on with life. Harsh I know but read my tag line.


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