13 Cameras



In writer-director Victor Zarcoff’s low-budget yet decently made film 13 Cameras, newlyweds Ryan (P.J. McCabe) and Claire (Brianne Moncrief) move from New York City to California and plan to begin their new family.

After renting a two-bedroom home from the exceedingly creepy landlord Gerald (Neville Archambault); a voyeur with a penchant for trespassing, we soon learn the couple is being filmed 24/7 in their own home, which is unfortunately the most unsavory aspect of the film.

Horrific only by the plausibility that we too can one day fall victim to the plot, I found 13 Cameras boring and more of an exploration of a couple in dire need of a time machine to go back to the day they met and make better life choices.

As hubby Ryan begins to have an affair with his very pretty and skinny assistant Hannah (Sarah Baldwin), he becomes less and less attentive to his pregnant wife not realizing his at-home rendezvous are being recorded by Gerald the landlord. It is at this point in the film, if you already did not like Ryan’s character you are certain to not care if he gets whacked which makes all of the following scenes even harder to swallow.

Knowing the basics that most voyeur types are usually not also the trespassing, kidnapping, sadistic killer kind, makes the film seem unlikely from the get-go, while the protagonists don’t stir any emotion to make us root for them. Even though, the acting is solid.

Stunningly, 13 Cameras has a sequel called 14 Cameras which I’ll try to review at another time.


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