Bloodline stars Sean William Scott as Evan, a first time father who has a dark and abusive past. In flashbacks we learn of Evan’s physically abusive father who pleads with both his son and wife to right his wrongs but unfortunately winds up dead and buried in the family garden.

As Bloodline unfolds, in more flashbacks we see the events that lead to the deadly day when Evan’s father is murdered and discover the family secret in all its twisted glory.

While Director Henry Jacobson’s film is beautifully shot, sleek and portrays strong acting by all, the plot is lacking which makes for a bland ride. While the gore is plenty, it is not enough to save Bloodline from being flawed.

As Evan tries to deal with his emotions he consequently becomes a serial killer, murdering all the dysfunctional fathers of his students. But one cannot wonder how a detective would not immediately put this together leading to a swift arrest. The connection between all the victims is Evan.

Aside from the nature of the film, there is no element of fear or horror which makes me describe this film as more drama than horror. It unfolds as a straightforward story with a little twist in the middle which is not enough to save this film from the boring bin.

Dale Dickey stars as Marie; Evan’s dysfunctional mother who as per usual enhances the story with her superb acting.


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