House Of The Dead



In House of the Dead a group of teens gets stranded on an island when zombies attack a rave in this lower than B budget horror movie that uses the 1996 Sega game as its premise. With no houses in sight one wonders why Director Uwe Boll didn’t consider the name Island of the Dead or Rave of the Dead instead?

Most horror fans can admit to enjoying a B horror movie now and again-assuming some effort has been employed. House of the dead is not that B horror film.

From terrible acting to a terrible script and horrible dialog, I can’t find one redeeming quality about this film. Even the cheesy techno music which ultimately crescendos to action packed heavy metal as the humans get wild in a shootout sequence is pretty lame.

If you want to see zombies that know martial arts and how to swim, continue at your own risk but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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