The Young Cannibals



We are tricked into believing Kris Carr’s The Young Cannibals will be strong in storytelling, as the movie begins in a psychiatric ward where Nat (Megan Purvis) is being held after a suicide attempt. But the truth is, this is where its strength begins and ends.

After escaping the psych-center Natasha is joined by her closest friends and her brother in an impromptu camping trip to celebrate Nat’s birthday. A camping trip you ask? Yes. And the reason is so that no one can find the group of friends after having crashed Nat out of her mandated treatment. One wonders if the friends couldn’t have maybe just visited Nat in the facility for a nice little celebration?

While on their camping trip the friends are fooled into eating hamburgers made of human flesh consequently summoning a demon which the friends can now see as only cannibals can. A lot to swallow, I know.

The rest of the film is spent quickly glossing over prior issues which landed Nat in the loony bin in the first place but mostly we watch an hour long battle for survival with not much creativity. The enthusiasm is there but the chops are missing. The cinematography is done well. The practical F/X look pretty good too. The creature could be quite scary if placed into another storyline.


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