Shut In (aka Intruders)



Intruders stars Anna Rook (Beth Riesgraf) a strange bird who suffers from severe agoraphobia after experiencing trauma years earlier. Believed to be at her brother Conrad’s (Timothy T. McKinney) funeral three intruders break into her home hoping to rob the place in a quick hit.

But intentions get chaotic when the intruders realize Anna is a shut in and a game of cat and mouse ensues. As the home invaders search the house they soon discover this is no ordinary abode nor is Anna an ordinary victim. They may have just selected the wrong grieving sister to rob.

A further wrench is thrown into the cat and mouse chase when Anna’s food delivery boy and acquaintance Dan (Rory Culkin) shows up at the house and alarmingly knows one of the intruders. With this new information Anna must decide who is on who’s side.

Adam Schindler directs a solid thriller with material that has been seen in some of its form many times before but manages to keep the angle fresh enough that it aught to please fans of the home invasion genre. Solid acting is seen from all (especially Culkin) which also enhances the film. Nothing earth shattering here but definitively a fun watch.


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