The Greasy Strangler


Released: October 7, 2016
Directer: Jim Hosking
Writers: Toby Harvard and Jim Hosking

Starring: Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth De Razzo

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★★☆☆☆ | yay or nay or can’t say

Big Ronnie and Big Brayden discover love as a greasy killer strangles his way through town

There are not enough pearls to clutch or words to be written that can adequately describe the dirtiness I felt while watching The Greasy Strangler. Alarmingly, the optimal moment arrived when I turned the film off and I finally felt like I could breathe unpolluted air once again.

The Greasy Strangler, god only knows why anyone wanted to make this film, is about a father/son duo named Big Ronnie (Michael St. Michaels) and Big Brayden (Sky Elobar) who while giving a mostly fabricated, walking disco tour both fall head over heels for their curly haired customer, Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo).

In between lewdness, nudity and random acts of grotesquerie that can make any viewer wish to become blind or at the very least celibate, a killer who is obsessed with greasy food, dresses in a suit made of grease while killing random people-as they portray the ultimate stereotype.

Jim Hosking’s The Greasy Strangler strives to compete with the early John Waters films like Pink Flamingos and Mondo Trash, but by the end of the film the only comparison that is worth mentioning is the shock value. The characters are hateful and no wig is big enough to make me want to continue watching additional films with them in it (nod to Divine). Whether it succeeds is up to you and depends mostly on how much scat, ugly penis and bacon grease you enjoy watching.

The only question remains…will you make it through the entire film?


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