The Butcher Possessions


Released: July 29, 2015
Writen and Directed by: Dale Trott

Starring: Damien E Lipp, Stephanie Mauro, Sophie Wright, Tristan Barr, Tilly Legge, Lliam Murphy, Janet Watson Kruse, Peter Flaherty

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★★★☆☆ | yay or nay or can’t say

Creepy found footage film surprises with eerie moments and a perfectly manicured scary story

The Butcher Possessions is a bare bones, low budget Australian gem, that while obvious of its small budget, didn’t stop director Dale Trott from using all the resources at his disposal to create a successful found footage horror movie.

In the UK the film was released under its original title Beckoning The Butcher, and can currently be viewed on Amazon without additional charge for Prime members.

The Butcher Possessions is the story of Chris Shaw (Damien E. Lipp), a social media personality who performs rituals he finds on the web. Wanting to increase his viewership, Chris invites four friends to a weekend gathering in a desolate countryside home where together they will participate in a ritual called Beckoning The Butcher.

For the ritual, participants must write their name on a piece of paper, dab a drop of their blood next to their name and then burn the slip of paper while chanting a Latin phrase. The completed steps are said to then conjure the butcher.

With two video cameras recording at all times; one set up in the house and the other carried for POV, Chris’s hope of capturing even just a small moment of paranormal activity becomes more than he bargained for when the butcher shows up with a plan of his own.

The main moments of The Butcher Possessions are bookended with a backstory via sit down interviews by a family member, a psychic and a sheriff—all of whom add a well rounded linear structure to the narrative.

The Butcher Possessions or Beckoning The Butcher depending on where you live is the perfect party night or Halloween night scary movie.


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